How does this program work?

The Central Kansas Library System adopted in 2007 an official list of "Core Skills for Librarians, Library Staff and Trustees in the Central Kansas Library System". On the left sidebar and click "All core skills (Word)".

CE program rewards is organized around "CE Project Agreements." All CE Project Agreements have a:

  • Learning component listing learning resources teaching a core skill, and a
  • Library work component for applying this learning in doing library work better.
Completing the learning and work components can be done several ways. (Word document).

Completing a learning component earns $50. Completing a library work component earns $50. So completing both components of a CE Project Agreement earns $100 toward the CE portion of next year's CKLS incentive grant.

Those CE Project Agreements allowing librarians and trustees to work together earn twice the grant money, i.e, $100 for librarians participation, $100 for trustee participation.

The CE portion of the system grant has a cap of:
  • $800 a year for training the librarian and library staff, and
  • $200 for training trustees.
The Central Kansas Library System recognizes librarians, library staff and trustees for completing specific CE Projects. This recognition is made several ways.
  • Names of individuals completing CE Projects will be listed in the CKLS POST newsletter.
  • The names of individuals completing CE Projects is listed under completed CE Projects listed in the right column of this Web site. These people are resources others can call on for advice about completing these projects.
The Central Kansas Library System uses honorifics (e.g., Excellent Service Library) to recognize libraries when librarians, library staff and trustees complete CE Projects expressing specific sets of core skills.

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